01. Mini Dispenser

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The Mini Dispenser is the handy and easy solution to your dispensing needs. Powered by batteries or a USB connection, the portable Mini Dispenser can be used effortlessly in wide variety of locations. 

Coverage: Up to 3 cubic metres

Size: W 8.6cm x H 6.5cm

Aroma Oil Usage: 2ml of aroma oil can last 1 week if used 8 hours a day

Special Features: Attractive and varied coloured light settings

Coverage and oil usage varies, depending on factors such as running time, air circulation, room size, aroma potency and how much oil is on the pad.


For a display, in your bedroom or even at your work desk, this petite unit provides a quick scent solution.

The Mini Dispenser spreads aromas in a gentle, gradual way. In themed spaces, this solution provides a realistic effect, mimicking the localised nature of many real-life smells from objects, animals, flames or food. In hotels, spas and shops, the Mini Dispenser is beautifully non-invasive, giving an airy breath of fragrance to those in its vicinity.

Three absorbent pads are provided with each Mini Dispenser for adding aroma oil to. When a pad is placed inside the unit, a powerful but quiet fan below lifts the aroma into your space.

Optional colour changing lights can add to your sensory experience, or the aroma can be dispensed with lights off.

Order the 25ml bottle of your chosen scents to top up the pads every time you need it. Additional pads are also available.

Please avoid skin contact with the aroma oil when applying it to a pad.

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