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The Vortex Portable is AromaPrime's most versatile and easy to use Scent Dispenser! The Essentials Set comes with one Dispenser and 50ml any scent you choose!

Battery powered and portable, able to be free-standing or secured to a wall, the Vortex Portable is the one stop solution to your scenting needs.

The unit has a 100ml refillable bottle and can scent a space up to 60m³* with your select aroma in minutes. Adjust the frequency of scent bursts for the perfect setting for your space.

The unit also includes a light sensitive sensor to turn off automatically at the end of the day!

Just turn on and sit back with this simple and effective unit. 

Dimensions: H16.5cm x L7cm x W13cm

The exact quantity of oil required will depend on factors such as running time, ventilation or footfall - you can find out how to make the most of your machine on our Scenting Tips page. An approximate estimate for the Vortex Portable will be 2ml per day for 8h usage

*Area cover will also depend on outside factors like air circulation, footfall and aroma selected.

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