06. Vortex Portable | Essentials Set

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 The Vortex Portable is AromaPrime's most versatile and easy-to-use scent dispenser! Battery powered and portable, this model can be free-standing or attached to a wall.

The Essentials Set comes with one Vortex Portable dispenser and 50ml any scent you choose!


Coverage: Up to 60 cubic metres

Size: W 7cm x D 13cm, H 16.5cm

Aroma Oil Usage: 2ml per 8-hour day; the exact quantity required will depend on factors such as running time and air circulation.

Special Features: Timing controls for scent bursts


A light-sensitive sensor also means the Vortex Portable can turn off automatically at the end of the day!

The unit has a 100ml refillable bottle, which can include any of our 400+ aroma oils. Visit our Scenting Tips page or email us at info@aromaprime.com for advice on how to get the best out of your machine.

Just switch your Vortex Portable on, sit back and enjoy high-quality scent delivery.

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