10. Vortex Midi | Scent Machine

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The Vortex Midi is AromaPrime's top dispensing solution! Fill even the largest and busiest spaces with your select aroma in minutes. The robust and easy-to-use unit is fan assisted and can speedily cover up to 350m³ (12,000 ft³)* with your select AromaPrime oil.

The Midi is also fitted with a timing function so you can effortlessly set to suit opening times and exhibition starts in advance.

The versatile unit is highly secure and contained within in a locked metal casing - helping prevent unauthorised access for both enhanced security and safety.

The Vortex Midi has been popularly deployed in an extensive range of locations across the world and is built to the highest quality and standards to ensure your scent experiences are first class.

Using Aroma Oils

The Vortex Midi can be used with any of our over 400 select aromas. A reliable approximation will be that your machine will require 25ml every 4-5 days if running for 8-10 hours a day. The exact quantity required will depend on factors such as running time, ventilation or footfall - you can find out how to make the most of your machine on our Scenting Tips page.

*Area cover will depend on outside factors like air circulation, footfall and aroma selected.

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Additional Info