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The Vortex Utopia is AromaPrime's Ultimate Scent Machine! 

Bring any large space to life with this easy to use and highly effective unit. Using Nebulising Technology the Utopia can fill a space of 10000m³* with your select aroma in minutes.

Perfect for grand, open spaces or large buildings and used by Hotels, Event Spaces, Theatres and more around the world.

This adaptable unit is fully adjustable and manufactured to the highest quality and standards. The Utopia has the optional ability to connect to air conditioning (HVAC) systems to infuse multiple rooms simultaneously with your select scent.

Use the Vortex Utopia with any of our over 400 unique aromas!

The Utopia is also Available for Rental - have an event in mind? Get in Touch to see how you can add an extra layer of subtlety to your space or experience.

Using Aroma Oils

The exact quantity of oil required will depend on factors such as running time, ventilation or footfall - you can find out how to make the most of your machine on our Scenting Tips page.

 Dimensions: H345mm X L345mm X W135mm

*Area cover will depend on outside factors like air circulation, footfall and aroma selected.


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Additional Info