04. Aroma Block Set

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The Aroma Block provides an easy way to release scents in specific areas. Simply remove the lid to let the scent rise, then put it on again to conceal!

This handy solution contains a pre-scented absorbent block, protected by a metal grate. The tidy dry-diffusion method (i.e. no liquid mist) is localised, meaning you can surprise guests with immersive smells in specific parts of the room. Place the Aroma Block by your art display, on a shelf, behind props on a table, or even on the other side of an interactive flap!


The Aroma Block Set comes with a 25ml top-up bottle of your chosen aroma oil!


Coverage: Approximately 1-4 cubic metres

Size: W 14.5cm x D 10cm x H 4.5cm

Aroma Oil Usage: A scent lasts up to around 3 months before requiring a top-up

Coverage and oil usage varies, depending on factors such as air circulation, room size, aroma potency, oil volume in the Aroma Block, and how long the lid is removed for.


The Aroma Block is ideal for pairing installations with scents or having multiple scents in the same space with a low risk of them overlapping.

No batteries or power supply needed! Simply top your Aroma Block up by ordering a 25ml bottle of aroma oil.

When topping up your Aroma Block, please avoid skin contact with the aroma oil. We advise using a pipette through the holes in the grate. Alternatively, wearing gloves, you can remove the grate and carefully pour oil onto the absorbent block.


You might remember the Aroma Block having a plastic case before. In an effort to reduce plastic usage, we are delighted to introduce this new, recyclable metal packaging for the Aroma Block! Our team continues to seek new ways to make all our products better for the planet, while delivering the same great-quality scent effects AromaPrime is known for!

Please note that because they are specially prepared, we cannot accept returns for Aroma Blocks if there are no defects with the products that we consider to be reasonable cause for a refund.

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