AromaPrime: Quality Scenting Services

Founded in 1973, AromaPrime is widely considered the world's leading scent company for visitor attractions, events, entertainment, hospitality and education.

With an unparalleled library of over 400 aromas, from pleasant and attractive to specialty and themed, we have a scent for almost every experience! Alongside our ready-to-order products and a bespoke aroma design service, AromaPrime boasts a dependable range of scent dispensing solutions.

Over 50 Years of Scent Expertise


AromaPrime was started over 50 years ago by scent pioneer Fred Dale (who first named the company Dale Air). The goal was to create fantastical smell technology easily available for venues of all types, sizes and budgets. Mr. Dale's ideas stemmed from his work with care homes, for which he would create nostalgic fragrances to transport residents with dementia back to their childhoods.

Fred Dale would eventually recreate historical smells based on archaeological evidence, with customers such as Jorvik Viking Centre, the British Museum and the Natural History Museum. This expertise would cross over into theme park design, as Mr. Dale used smell to heighten anticipation in roller coaster queues and to tell striking stories in dark rides. Meanwhile, AromaPrime would often consult on ride blueprints to help devise memorable olfactory effects.

Through Fred Dale's efforts, AromaPrime was a catalyst for the 'Themed Scent Renaissance' in the 1980s, which saw the famous Smellitzer being utilised by Walt Disney Imagineering, and which became a part of the global 'Heritage Boom', introducing immersive ways to engage with the past. The company's provision of fantastical smells would lead to the celebrated collection and knowledge it holds today.

Today, AromaPrime continues to carry Fred Dale's core values:

  • Providing the highest quality scenting services for venues, attractions and experiences, whether they be a global brand or a small-scale business
  • Approaching each project with a focus on emotion, storytelling and experience design




For venues, events and experiences around the world, AromaPrime is the go-to for fantastical, luxurious, historical and immersive themed smells. Over the decades, AromaPrime has built a lasting reputation for quality and service, regarded as the leading scent marketing and experience company in the UK and beyond.

Our bestselling products are made in the UK to the highest standards, providing effectiveness, safety and durability.

"As a museum, we use AromaPrime to provide historically accurate scents. Their services allow us to provide visitors with a fully multisensory Viking experience. Visitors are transported through time as they see, hear and smell the Viking period. What's more, AromaPrime is always efficient, friendly and reliable when providing the services our venue requires.”

David Boston - Jorvik Viking Centre Technician



In the area of heritage smells, we have been delighted to work alongside game-changing research projects such as Odeuropa, contributing entries to the Olfactory Storytelling Toolkit and the Encyclopedia of Smell History and Heritage. Meanwhile, we have been delighted to give talks at academic gatherings on smell heritage, sharing findings and learning from new research.

When it comes to themed entertainment design, we are well-informed in the history of themed smells; the successes and the failures. From the experiments of Efteling in the 1950s, to the retail tricks at Disneyland's Main Street USA, all the way through to the breakthroughs at the EPCOT theme park upon its creation—we are always investigating and building our historical records, using understandings of the past to inform our practice in each new project.


Why Scent?

Scent, smell, fragrance, odour and aroma are all words to describe the olfactory experience.  Our scent receptors are directly connected to the part of the brain that processes memories and emotions, making the sense of smell powerfully evocative. During our lives, we create unique associations between what we smell and what we see, hear and feel. Brands and attractions can use scents for a diverse range of purposesAside from eliminating malodours, scents connect us with our experiences, they help trigger feelings of empathy for the stories of others, they improve the perception of a product, they influence crowd behaviour and they stick in our memories forever.

All of AromaPrime's scents are for diffusion into the air using our scent machines and dry diffusion tools. We are pleased to provide quality and effectiveness when our expertly developed scent oils are used with our tried and tested dispensers.

Scents attract customers, trigger memories and reinforce your brand.