Hello from the AromaPrime Team!

 AromaPrime is the Leading Scent Marketing and Experience Company in the UK.

Helping make immersive Venues, Attractions, Events and ExperiencesEstablished for almost 20 years with a lasting reputation for Quality and Service.

Our top products are also Made in the UK to the highest standards - guaranteeing effectiveness and durability.

We have an unparalleled range of over 400 select aromas, from pleasant & attractive to speciality & themed, with a wide range of scent dispensing solutions and a bespoke aroma design service.

"As a museum we use AromaPrime to provide us aromas. It gives us the ability to provide the visitor with a full 3 sense Viking Experience. Visitors see, hear and smell the Viking Period. They are quick to produce our aromas with a short turnaround.”

David Boston - Jorvik Viking Centre Technician

Why Scent?

Smell is the most evocative of all the senses. During our lives we create unique associates between what we smell and what we see, hear and feel.

Brands can use scents for a diverse range of purposes.

Aside from eliminating odours, scents connect us more deeply with our experiences and create greater satisfaction.

Scents attract customers, trigger memories & reinforce your brand.