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The Multiscent DMX is AromaPrime's latest innovation, allowing the controllable diffusion of up to three aromas! With simple DMX controls, this powerful model can emit multiple scents individually, or together at the same time, upon command.


Coverage: Up to 1000 cubic metres

Size: W 26cm x D 13.5cm x H 35cm

Volume with fan off: 55 decibels

Volume with fan on: 56-58 decibels (the volume of a conversation, easily obscured by placing the machine in a strategic spot or by playing music/sound effects)

Aroma Oil Usage: Approximately 1ml per hour; the exact quantity required will depend on factors such as running time and air circulation.

Special Features: A lockable compartment for up to three aroma bottles of your choice

Aroma Oil Capacity: 150ml x 3 (250ml bottles can also be installed)


Each aroma is connected to its own changeable DMX channel. Simply activate the channel to release the aroma.

The unit requires a Start Channel and the occupation of six channels after this. With the ability of being assigned to any channel up to 255, the highest Start Channel can be 248.

Aromas are nebulised from the machine, with the option to project them through your space with the Multiscent's powerful fan.

This advanced machine has a power cable for plugging into the wall and comes with a DMX cable for connection to your DMX system or computer.

Manufactured in the UK to the highest quality and standards to ensure your experience is first rate.

The Multiscent DMX can be used with any aroma from our selection of over 400. Visit our Scenting Tips page or email us at info@aromaprime.com for advice on how to get the best our of your machine.

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