Make the Most of your Scents and Scent Machines - With our helpful hints and tips. 


The key with most scents is using a light touch. Guests and Visitors will have an immediate experience of it in your space, especially if they are coming to it for the first time. The most essential idea with scenting is to suggest, rather than distract, allowing a subtle, complete experience.


For the best effects, position your aromas in open areas or in the middle of a wall. If your scents can be placed within a space rather than at the edge this will also ensure a more even scenting across the area. 


Locating your scents in well ventilated areas can help increase their range and maintain a continual flow around your space. Healthy ventilation also ensures scents do not become overly concentrated and allows for quick changes of scent should you require. Be sure to keep air flows in mind when designing your location or experience.


Crowding in a space will require more scent for it to be as effective as in a sparsely populated area. Be sure to match the level of your scent with the expected number of people for your space or experience.

Chosen Scent

The character of your space or experience can be set quickly and effectively with scent. We have over 400 aromas to choose from and can create bespoke aroma to suit your requirements specifically. The ideal reaction is when a scent fits with the surrounding features of a space or experience.


To ensure your aromas last longer, make sure they are stored securely when not in use. This is especially the case for the Vortex Cubes and Aroma Blocks. All AromaPrime's scent oils are provided in resealable bottles that are ideal for storage.