AromaPrime’s popular Scent Subscription Service

Making beautiful scents affordable

Get all the scent machines and aroma you need with the freedom to change scent any time you like. Ideal for larger spaces and venues. Bring beautiful and subtle scents to your spaces today. Budget friendly and flexible to suit any size space.


How does it work?

STEP ONE: Choose the option that works best for you below, pay your activation fee and machine deposit and that's it! AromaPrime will send you all the Scent Machines you need and the Aroma you choose arrives regularly in the post like clockwork as the monthly subscription is paid.  


Frequency: Once you receive your Scent Machines, monthly refills of your select Aroma arrive direct to your door, moving to quarterly deliveries after the first three months.

Aroma Choice: Select from any of our beautiful Deo Range and change as often as you like by just sending us an email. Under all options we provide enough Aroma for your Scent Machines to be run on maximum setting for up to 8 hours a day (if you so choose).

If any of your Scent Machines stop working, send us the unit back and we’ll send a new one completely free of charge!*

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Longer running times

Want to run your Scent Machines for longer than 8 hours per day? Get in touch to find out more about a duration uplift to your subscription.


Scenting a public space

AromaPrime works with companies that scent public spaces across the UK, Europe and the World. We follow the highest industry standards in respect to Health and Safety and take pride in our specially designed Aromas. All AromaPrime scents are made in the UK and are authorised for diffusion into public spaces. Material Safety Data Sheets can be provided for any Aromas upon request.

All of our machines are robustly tested to ensure the highest standards and used with clients across the world. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. We’re happy to answer any of your enquiries.


Enhance your Visitor Experience and Employee Wellbeing with AromaPrime’s

Scent Subscription Service.


*Applies only to depreciating units rather than accidental breakage.