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The Vortex Compact is AromaPrime's newly upgraded scent dispensing solution! Used by venues around the world, the Vortex Compact is one of our most effective and reliable models.


Coverage: Up to 100 cubic metres

Size: W 18cm x D 6.5cm x H 22.6cm

Aroma Oil Usage: Approximately 1ml per hour; the exact quantity required will depend on factors such as running time and air circulation.

Special Features: Easy-to-use timing control screen

Aroma Oil Capacity: 150ml

Volume: <42 decibels (the volume of a quiet library, discreet and seldom heard when diffusing intermittently)


With intelligent timing controls, you can choose precisely when your chosen aroma is dispensed and for how long.

This smart, plug-in machine can be fixed to a wall or stand freely. Its modern nebulising technology will quickly spread aroma throughout your chosen space.

For further coverage, the Vortex Compact can be attached to any air conditioning system, infusing multiple rooms with your chosen scent.

Manufactured to the highest quality and standards to ensure your experience is first rate.

The Vortex Compact can be used with any aroma from our selection of over 400. Visit our Scenting Tips page or email us at info@aromaprime.com for advice on how to get the best our of your machine.

Orders outside the UK will include a plug adaptor.

The Vortex Compact is sometimes referred to as a smell pod, an industry-wide nickname given to AromaPrime's pioneering models.

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