Aroma Cube Pack of 8 - Make Your Own

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Choose your own 8 aromas from our extensive collection!

The Aroma Cube is the a perfect scent option for interaction and fun. Whether used for close-up sniffing in a sensory display, for passing around in a learning group, or for the elderly to reminisce with, the Aroma Cube adds a personal layer of interaction to your experience.


Use: For close-up sniffing, hand-held or fixed within a display (eg. pull-out scented drawers)

Size: 5cm x 5cm x 5cm

Duration: If kept concealed within a box or sealed bag, a Aroma Cube can last 3 months to over a year; this is dependent on factors such as scent potency and frequency of use. Some customers keep their Aroma Cubes inside small wooden boxes that can absorb scent that escapes, making for a fun presentation tool at the same time.


Each Aroma Cube is securely sealed to enhance its safety and can contain any of our 400+ aromas*. Aroma Cubes are only for close-up sniffing and will not fill a room with scent. To provide scent to a larger area, or if you are looking for a refillable option, you might like to try our Aroma Block.

Want a particular colour to suit your needs? Just let us know and select from red, yellow, green and blue.

*The 4 aromas you choose must be from our existing collection.


Not for children under 5 years. Responsible supervision is advised to ensure proper use when using with young people or care residents.

Please note that because they are specially prepared, we cannot accept returns for Aroma Cubes if there are no defects with the products that we consider to be reasonable cause for a refund.

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