AromaPrime Pong Hits International Headlines

Last year, we were commissioned by U.S. comedian Ethan Klein to recreate ... ahem ... his lower regions for a parody candle!

The accuracy of the scent was praised by Ethan, who had given us incredibly specific instructions. He wanted something with airs of sweat and musk - not just a standard 'poo' aroma.

Perhaps surprisingly, the candles sold out instantly! We were pleased to find out that they raised almost $8000 for prostate cancer research.

This whiffy project hit headlines around the globe, in places including Australia, Japan and America. Popular site LADbible even reported on it!

We have loved seeing people's reactions to the silly smell on YouTube. This review by Cr1TiKaL hit one million views!

While our standard oils are not for use in candles, we are able to create novelty candles for large-scale projects like this one. Get in touch if this is something your brand would like to explore!