Attractions are adding aromas for profitable reopenings!

Find out how scenting can help boost your profits...

In recent months, businesses (from aquariums, to escape rooms, to a variety of museums) have been ordering scents to enchant guests upon reopening.

This approach can be incredibly profitable! But how?...

1. Boosting sales

Appealing scenting has been shown to entice customers into purchasing more. Use aromas around your ticket booths, in your gift shops and by your eateries to help increase profits!

This year, many businesses have also been working with us on merchandise that uses scents related to their brands, taking full advantage of their commercial appeal.

2. Memory Marketing

Scents are connected to the part of our brain which processes memories. This means that when guests leave your experience, the scents they encountered can leave it imprinted in their long-term memories for decades!

One study showed that sniffing the same AromaPrime scents from a museum visit *six years later* helped guests recall its details with incredible accuracy!

(Source: British Journal of Pschology, 90, pp. 1-7, Aggleton and Waskett)

The way scents make a visit so deeply memorable is an easy form of profitable marketing that nothing else could achieve with such power. It encourages word of mouth promotion, repeat visits and continued interest in your brand.

3. Happy Customers

It's no secret that pleasant smells can make you happy, and even make your surroundings seem cleaner and more pleasant. Smells can also make you excited or scared. Allowing your guests to experience powerful emotions through scent will lead to happy customers and profitable results!

Adding scents is incredibly easy! Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to find out more.