Creative Kids Invent AromaPrime Smells!

Back in October, we ran a competition in children's magazine AQUILA, where readers were invited to come up with the most inventive smells they could think of. Our lab would create the winner's aroma and post it to them, but the entries were so SCENTSATIONAL, we selected a winner and two runner-ups!


Wilf Edwards-Eve in Lyme Regis came up with The Beginning of Time, our winning choice. We specialise in historical scents for the likes of the Natural History Museum and the Dungeons, but The Beginning of Time will have been the most historical scent we could possibly create! We undertook careful research and concocted a mysterious, sweet and desolate air. With notes of cold cosmic dust, juxtaposed by the fiery sparks of the early universe, we hope the ancient ambience creates a BIG BANG in Wilf's nostrils!


Meanwhile, Miranda Katz and Ines Burman wrote outstanding descriptions of the Black Death's stench and the ambience of a Medieval healer's house. AromaPrime specialise in creating theatrical atmospheres, and these two did a fine job with this, which is why we chose them as runner-ups.

Thanks to AQUILA for allowing us to run this competition. Your readers' imaginations are impressive, and we're sure many of them would make fine smellologists!