How Scent Enhances Flying Theatres and Simulators

Since the 2000s, scent has been considered a must-have for flight simulators.

This trend began in major theme parks, where guests would board moving seats and swoop before a huge screen, giving the sensation of flight. For these experiences, known as flying theatres, fans are installed above the seating, and 'scented wind' is blown to match the environment on the screen.

Simulation is also used for flight training. In some scenarios, different burning scents will be used to help pilots understand the types of fires they might have to deal with in emergencies.

Meanwhile, atmospheric aromas often provide realism to museum flight experiences, reflecting environments of the past (such as the smokiness of wartime London) or even the smells of space!

AromaPrime has experience in each of these kinds of projects, and we are always happy to advise on the best scenting solutions for your ideas and budget.

Aroma Oils and Scent Beads

While some venues prefer the long-lasting nature of aroma oil, others like to use tidy, non-spill scent beads. These are small and soft, and air blows through them to spread the desired aroma. For projects of a certain scale, AromaPrime is happy to offer the option of scent beads as an alternative to oil.

Favourite Scents

Here are some of the most popular kinds of scents used in flight simulators!

  • Orange Groves: An invigorating freshness picked up by the breeze of sunny fields
  • Ozone: If your experience takes guests up in the clouds, this light scent is the perfect option!
  • Fresh Air: This breezy fragrance is similar to ozone in its freshness, but it carries a slight floral touch to suggest nearby fields or gardens.
  • Sea MineralA glide over the ocean won't be convincing without that memorable, salty smell!
  • Fireworks: There are popular flying theatres which take guests around fantasy worlds. There might be planets or magical creatures which require their own scents. The smell of fireworks is used in one fantasy experience to evoke a familiar feeling of wonder and excitement.
  • Grass of Africa: You might like an aroma specific to a continent, country or culture. Whether it be Africa or another location, let us know, and we can create what you're looking for!