The Best Escape Rooms are using Themed Scents!

Have you ever thought about incorporating scents into your Escape Rooms?

Imagine being in a pirate room where you actually smell old wood, rum and the salted ocean breeze. What about the smell of poisonous gas?...or the smell of a wizarding school and its potions?

Checkout AromaPrime's recent mention in the Sensory Stories podcast, 3rd episode! 

Sensory Stories, presented by Pete Wells, is an exploration of using all the five senses to bring a story to life and give it something extra special.

We're thrilled to come highly recommended by Pete and Sensory Stories and can't wait to help bring your story to life too!

There are different Escape Room themes out there. But as the industry has expanded, customer expectations have also increased. The involvement of the sense of smell is exactly the kind of out-of-the-box thinking Escape Rooms need to stand out as the industry expands.

Smugglers - The dank, salty aroma of a pirate's cave hideout!

Mustard Gas - An acrid and cloying scent, all too familiar for certain battlefields.

Old Drifter - The scent of an old ship on a voyage across the seven seas.

Dungeon - Ideal to re-create an immersive, real experience.

Club - The rich and polished aroma of a refined club / casino.

The subtle use of scents is changing the way players interact with the games and storylines. Giving players an emotional attachment to the game through scents instils a more lasting and positive experience – helping with customer feedback.

Museums and historical locations have been using Themed Scents for years to bring an extra layer of engagement to their Exhibitions – But for the first time, a select few Escape Rooms are now catering to the extra sense!


AromaPrime is the leading UK Scent company with the widest range of Themed Scents, specialising in everything from Fantasy to Wartime.

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