Think Outside the Box: Creating Scenting for Covid-era Reopening

We are totally thrilled to see guests returning to outdoor venues in the U.K.! These include theme parks like Alton Towers and Chessington World of Adventures, who have used our smells in helping welcome people back. Attractions in other locations are also preparing to open their doors once more, introducing scents like Popcorn or Sea Breeze to trigger fond memories of past adventures and days out.

With this, we hope to inspire theme park designers and technicians to think outside the box when it comes to providing surprising and memorable scent experiences, particularly when being covid-safe is a priority.

For example, outside spaces are more valuable to attractions than ever, and many have explored new ways of scenting in the open air. Whether you are planning to scent outside or inside, we hope our new video helps spark your imagination as to the creative ways aromas can be tied into themed experiences:

This is just a little starter for the alternative methods you could be using to make your experience truly unique. We have been working with one museum to design a hands-free foot pump for children to use as a covid-safe interactive. Other projects have involved suggesting certain scents that will encourage feelings of happiness in areas of theme parks where new covid precautions may otherwise bring the mood down.

There are so many approaches we could share with you as your venue adapts to being open during the pandemic.

Our team has first-hand experience in design for attractions, helping us understand your needs and the solutions you require. Get in touch for free advice!