Tickets now on sale for Halloween event with specially made smells!

A brand new Halloween mystery event has incorporated a trio of specially made scents by AromaPrime!

Doom Town: A Mannequin Mystery invites guests to Mannakin Hall, the spooky labyrinth of 15,000 mannequins, to solve the mystery of James Jr. What happened to the missing child 20 years ago, and does his ghost really haunt the site?

To enhance the scenes, three scents have been specially created:

  • 'MYSTERY': A rich, mysterious air for the introductory screening room
  • 'BIRTHDAY': A deliciously sweet fragrant for a twisted birthday party
  • 'HAUNTED': A strikingly unsettling and musty smell for a seemingly haunted hallway

As guests explore the unique venue to solve the mystery, they will meet a cast of outlandish characters who may help or hinder the investigation.

The event has been designed by AromaPrime's own Liam R. Findlay, tying in with the world of his upcoming novel The Doom Town Dummies. Of course, a big theme of this book is smells, and it even involves a company inspired by AromaPrime!

Dates for the event include 20th and 21st October 2023, 6pm-9pm at Mannakin Hall (Fulbeck)

Grab your ticket to Doom Town: A Mannequin Mystery here!