Wow Your Theatre Audience with Immersive Themed Smells

Theatres everywhere are now tantalising another of our senses with the use of Themed Scents. Putting on an engaging or entertaining show is a big job, and it has never been harder to surprise audiences with something original.

While dramatic sound and visual performances and effects have been a mainstay of the scene, producers are only now waking up to the immersive addition that subtly themed scents and aromas and provide to a show. And with the range of scents and scenting options now available, no idea is too far out of leftfield to create an authentic setting.

Unique scents can even be tailored to suit a specific production and scenting professionals can be on hand to provide all the advice you need to make the most of your scents.

Explore the enormous range of scents available such as:

Historical– From Shakespeare to Dickens to the Modern Day, give your historic production a final authentic flourish.

Wartime– Transport your audience to the thick of a battle scene or war ground with the smell of gunpowder, smoke or rubble.

Outdoors– Take your audiences to tropical beeches or wild mountains with these enchanting aromas and create a captivating setting

Food– Recreating a bakery? Family dinner table? Our range of food scents will take your audience right back to grandma’s kitchen.

A small budget needn’t be a hinderance either. At AromaPrime we have a range of options to suit all sizes, spaces and needs and will happily help you find the right fit for your production.

Contact us now, We’d love to hear about you project! No idea is too small or strange.