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An exotic and immersive scent, developed alongside palaeontologists at a leading natural history museum. This odour mimics that of the boggy, humid swamps and forests the T-rex may have lived in; within the vicinity of prey that fed off the plants and used the nearby water sources.

For a scent closer to that of a T-rex itself, try Rotting Flesh, which reflects the sores on the dinosaur's body, and the meat stuck between its teeth, which palaeontologist believe would have contributed to the stench.


AromaPrime fragrance oils are specifically and solely for diffusion into the air using AromaPrime dispensing options. We cannot guarantee their safety or effectiveness if they are used with equipment not provided by the company or used in a manner other than as directed.

Aroma Prime Oils are solely for fragrance diffusion into the air – they are not for skin contact, product ingredients, flavoring or candle making.

We are able to isolate candle safe versions of our oils – please contact us if you wish to discuss.

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