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A mysterious, fragrant aroma of embalming oils, gums and resins of Ancient Egypt. This aroma is sweet, floral and woody, to reflect the fragrances used to preserve bodies. It is also based on the presence of floral garlands and collars left in tombs, such as those Howard Carter discovered in Tutankhamun's chambers.

Embalming methods varied throughout Egyptian history; approaches included washing the body out with palm wine, stuffing the body with spices, using gums, resins and honey to preserve the skin, applying beeswax to close openings, and scenting linen with myrrh to appeal to the gods. AromaPrime's interpretation aims to encapsulate these ancient approaches.

When tested with an audience who did not know what this scent was based on, the participants described decay, age and looming spirits, but also flowers and funerals. One participant event said it was what they imagined embalming fluid would smell like! We were pleased that the scent evoked these ideas.

This aroma is used by museums, escape rooms and even an acclaimed theme park ride to achieve an effect true to history.

For the aromas of individual embalming substances, try cinnamon, which was used to stuff bodies, myrrh, which was used to evoke spirituality, and frankincense, which was used ceremoniously in later periods and helps historians date mummified remains.




AromaPrime fragrance oils are specifically and solely for diffusion into the air using AromaPrime dispensing options. We cannot guarantee their safety or effectiveness if they are used with equipment not provided by the company or used in a manner other than as directed.


Aroma Prime Oils are solely for fragrance diffusion into the air – they are not for skin contact, product ingredients, flavoring or candle making. 


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